All Purpose Antimicrobial Transparent Roll 15.75" x 32 ft.


Ideal for medium-size offices, classrooms, lunch rooms, medium to large size retail stores, and home applications. 

    • Proprietary nanosilver antimicrobial technology protects the surface 24/7
    • All Purpose Smart Film, suitable for all high-touch surfaces, whether curved or flat, including metal, plastic and wood. Leaves translucent finish on glass. For transparent finish on glass, see the Touchscreen film.
    • 100% Transparent
    • Silver ions Ag+ technology continuously supress bacteria, viruses, mold and fungi
    • Type: Roll 
    • Film Size / Box: One roll of 40cm x 10 m (15.75 inches x 32 feet)
    • Total Coverage: 43 sq. ft.
    • Easy Installation